Spotting Brush Large Grey Bristle
Do the plastic brushes that came with your machine wear out in six months? Out customers get over 7 years of life out of our brushes, on average! At Braun Brush, we use Du Pont Tynex nylon on our aluminum back brushes and refills. Tynex is specially tempered to last more than 10 times longer that the material our competitors use.

Your rotary brush is the working end of a very valuable piece of equipment. It does not make good sense to cut corners on the equipment that is doing the most work. Competition in the brush industry has forced the price and quality of brushes for rotary machines to an unprecedented low, to the point that rotary brushes are now a disposable commodity. At Braun Brush, we have not followed the pack. Even after your aluminum back brush wears out, it can be refilled many times.

Our castings are precision balanced, eliminating vibration and user fatigue. Profiled casting designed to the original equipment allow just the right amount of solution to be fed through the brush, eliminating over-soaking and long drying times. Aluminum Back Rotary Shower Feed brushes are the best possible brushes for your rotary cleaning machines.CALL FOR OTHER DIAMETERS 1-800-645-4111.

The brush shown here is the ideal replacement for Advance machines. The brush is shown with a clutch plate which is not included. Pick a stiffness from the variety below and your brush will be made to order and shipped within 2 days. (All rotary back shower feed brushes should be broken in on concrete before using). We can no longer offer "Ridiculously Stiff Fibers (.040")"
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