About Our Specialty Brush Company

Braun Brush is one of America’s oldest family-owned industrial brush manufacturers. We implement innovative manufacturing techniques with quality craftsmanship to produce brushes that are effective tools. Our brush company founded its roots in Brooklyn, where the first manufacturing facility was open in 1875 on Palmetto Street. As our company began to flourish, we relocated to a second location on 78th Street near Jamaica Avenue in Queens where the company prospered and remained for thirty years. In 1977, we moved to a third location just a few neighborhoods away in Albertson, Nassau County. After years of success, manufacturing and customizing quality products, we expanded to the West Coast. In 2012, we established our second location in Brentwood, California. At this facility, we manufacture using our unique patented metal-free technology.  After nine years Braun Brush West coast operations built a new facility in Medford Oregon.  Braun remains to this day a family owned business now operated by Lance Cheney, great-grandson of Emanuel Braun, the founder of Braun Brush Company.

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