Although Braun Brush’s products are high-quality, they’re not limited to industry professionals. We offer a selection of brooms and brushes to anyone from the hospitality industry to homeowners. Our brushes are crafted from natural and synthetic fibers and are conveniently available in a range of sizes for varying applications. Simply browse our selection and order online today.

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    Unquestionably the finest upright broom made.  The President and fourth generation owner of Braun Brush decided to design and make a broom for his home using the finest materials at his disposal without regard to cost.    This broom is the result.  Extra long natural boar hair is hand set into a crafted mahogany block.  A hardwood-reinforced threaded handle is included.  The combination of these materials and craftsmanship make a broom that sweeps like a dream, will last for decades, and is beautiful.  Hand crafted in the United States from imported Sapele Mahogany and imported Natural Boar Hair.

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