Unquestionably the finest upright broom made.  The President and fourth generation owner of Braun Brush decided to design and make a broom for his home using the finest materials at his disposal without regard to cost.    This broom is the result.  Extra long natural boar hair is hand set into a crafted mahogany block.  A hardwood-reinforced threaded handle is included.  The combination of these materials and craftsmanship make a broom that sweeps like a dream, will last for decades, and is beautiful.  Hand crafted in the United States from imported Sapele Mahogany and imported Natural Boar Hair.


This is the ultimate upright broom for fine wood or any smooth floors. Are you tired of the cheap brooms available in grocery stores? This is the answer. Pure boar hair is hand set in a mahogany block. The Boar hair is naturally tapered so that the tips are very fine. This allows the broom to pick up even the finest dust. Broom includes a standard 48" hardwood handle.  Brush measures 10" wide, 2" thick and has 4.5" long natural boar's hair.  

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