Metal Free Double Leader Pull-Through Brushes 48"
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Metal Free brushes are used to clean the inside of straight and especially curved pipes and tubes. They also clean valves and fittings or anywhere aggressive scrubbing is needed. Metal Free brushes will not scratch any surface. Made with 100% food grade polypropylene. Highly chemical resistant. Fused bristles minimize the potential for trapped bacteria and contaminates.

The Double Leader Pull Through brushes feature a leader/rod on either side of the brush part. This allows the brush to be fed into a tube and pulled out the opposite end. When ordering, be sure your diameter is not more than the inside diameter of the tube you are pulling the brush through, or it could become too difficult to pullt through.

The standard line of pull through metal free brushes are all considered "FLEXIBLE" and should navigate most curved tubes. If you have any questions on the product, we are more than happy to evaluate the application with you.. All brush heads measure 8" with your choice of outside diameter and overall length. If you do not see a specific size, please contact us at 1-800-645-4111 to discuss your needs.
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