Velvet Groomer Deluxe
After velvet has been cleaned it should be brushed lightly in the same direction to restore it to its original lustre. A fine wire brush should be used with non corrosive metal bristles. By holding the brush on an angle the brush will glide easily over the velvet. Braun manufactures two brushes for this purpose. The R44 is made with cadmium plated wire securely attached to a mahogany block. The wire for this brush is attached without the use of tuft holes so that there is even spacing between each wire. This eliminates any streaking. The R5319 is the traditional style velvet groomer and has been used for many years. It features brass wire stapled into a maple wood block and handle. The handle allows for off to the side brushing action.

5" x 2" 2 1/2" OAH, 3/4" wire length
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