Spotting Brush Medium Size Grey Bristle

On almost every job the detailer is likely to encounter some spots that call for special attention. There are a number of quality cleaning solutions that are made for particular types of stains and spots. All need the use of a spotting brush to help penetrate and allow the solution to work. (Some spots require a "tapping" action to help the chemicals reach deep into the carpet fibers while others may require a light brushing action). To cover the range of different types of stains and spots as well as personal brushing styles. All sizes have a chisel shaped handle for extremely tough spots. Block measures 1-1/8", brush face is 1" x 2-1/2", Rows: 5x10 with 1/2" trim.

Braun has developed two stiffnesses.
#2180: Pure bristle is medium stiff and retains the most solution.
#8180: White nylon is the softest.

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