Napping Brush Nylon 2.5" X 13.5" 2.5" Trim
After the carpeting has been cleaned it will no doubt be left with swirl marks from the rotary action of machines, foot prints, or even wheel tracks from equipment. To remove these imperfections, a napping brush should be used. With this tool the professional cleaner can shade the nap in one direction to give the carpet a neat finished appearance. Four napping brushes have been designed and manufactured by Braun to meet the needs of the professional carpet cleaner. The R21 featherweight is the most popular model. It is 19" wide with 3 rows of 1 1/2" long nylon bristles. It has been designed so as not to streak. The R21 is very strong yet light weight which eliminates job fatigue and helps the job go faster. For very large jobs the no. 9475 giant size napping brush saves even more time. It is 3" x 19" with a full 7 rows of 2 1/2" nylon bristles. The standard size 213-14 napping brush is just a few inches shorter, 3" x 14" and has crimped nylon. The 213-14 can also be used for scrubbing. Use a standard threaded handle. "D" handle.
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