5 Piece Detailing Brush Set


This 5 piece set of brushes includes a wide variety of uses the encompass many areas of detailing.

AC6BK- Brass Wire Scratch Brush.  Stiff wire brush that will not scratch harder metals like stainless steel

AC9BBK- Extra Stiff Pad Cleaning Brush.  Nylon stiff enough to remove caked on polish from polishing pads

AC9RBK- Stiff Nylon Brush.  Designed to clean stubborn areas on pedals and floor mats as well as engine bays

AC7BK- Stiff Stainless Steel Wire.  This brush is used to remove rust and other stubborn dirt when the finish does not need to be protected.

AC5HHBK- Piping and Uholstery Brush.  Stiff black horse hair trimmed to a chisel tip make this brush ideal for cleaning the crevice around upholstery piping and other narrow areas without fraying the fabric.  

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