Braun Brush Co.

Specialty Brush Products

Since 1875, we have been designing and manufacturing custom brushes for a range of industries. A brush is a tool; like all tools, it should be designed with function in mind for its specific application. Our talented craftsmen use the highest quality materials in order to construct a product that is both efficient and exemplary. Braun Brush strives for ultimate customer satisfaction, quality craftsmanship, and effectiveness.

We have been making brushes with this philosophy since we opened our doors. Whether it is a natural boar hair brush for washing the family car on Sunday or an integral part of the testing equipment on the Rover on Mars, our brushes are built to perform the job flawlessly. Order your brushes by calling our toll free number or enjoy using the convenience of our online store.

Brush Tile expands over 100 years of brush making knowledge into architecture and design proving that unusual alliances can produce beneficial solutions.