Comb Shag Home Yellow Teeth 2 pads
Designed for extra deep plush shag and long pile. This is the smaller version of the R14 Shag carpet comb. Dimensions: 10" x 3" x 2" teeth. Carpet combs are an essential part of professional carpet cleaning. By combing prior to cleaning, dirt is loosened and matted areas are lifted allowing the shampoo or dry cleaner to do a more efficient job. By combing after cleaning the nap is restored and the pile can be realigned giving the job a truly professional look. Because there are many different carpet types, Braun has designed different combs: R12, R14, and R17, with homestyle versions R11 & R16. All of Braun's carpet combs have a built in plastic bumper to protect walls and furniture. Accepts a standard threaded handle.
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