Brushes are our business and we have been making and developing them longer than anyone as a family-owned company. The Brush Tile expands from this knowledge into architecture and design to bring credence to how unlike alliances can produce beneficial solutions. And this technology has met with increasing success.

Consider a 12" square tile or smaller square that holds the fiber strands of a brush. Then think about the variety of fibers that go into the making of a brush. We have engineered the Brush Tile to offer you the texture created from common and exotic brush fibers that can integrate effectively on a wall or ceiling or a surface you might imagine. Texture is one of the most important elements for architects and designers in the twenty-first century. Brush tile integrates the idea that texture as a soft surface can operate in a variety of architectural interiors to create a sense of depth and color, texture and nuance that gives a space greater cohesion with other modern building materials and their impact on how people of all ages can feel more connected within the space they work, learn, and inhabit.